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Develop and take multiple choice tests on your home PC. EZ-Test presents tests, automatically grades, provides corrections, and records test performance and history. Great for home and classroom schooling and self study.

System Requirements
90MHZ Pentium CPU or higher; minimum 32MB RAM, CD-ROM, Windows 95 or higher.

What it does
EZ-Test provides a means for you to develop and administer a multiple choice test. Since the account management capabilities of the software limit the accessibility of student level accounts, tests may be taken without supervision. Student accounts provide access only to the functionality required to take a test, as well as only reports associated with the current user. There is no means to alter or view the correct responses of a test.
A user with administrative level access is able to add, edit, or delete user accounts of either student or administrative levels. In addition, administrative level users have the ability to assign tests to individual users, view and print reports related to any account, and may create and edit test content.
EZ-Test Version 1.0
$19.00 + $3.00 Shipping and Handling

Create individual accounts with control over system accessibility.
                                      Registering a Student

Create multiple choice tests that can be imported and exported for sharing with other users.
Creating a Test
Assign tests to students on an individual basis.
Assigning a Test
Administers multiple choice tests with randomized question presentation, automatic grading, review and recording of results.
Taking a Test
Review incorrect responses after testing.
Reviewing Incorrect Answers
View the EZ-Test user's manual by clicking HERE.
(To save the manual to your hard drive, right click on the link above. Select "Save Target As.." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As..." (Netscape).



Click on the PayPal button to purchase EZ-Test.
Click on the PayPal button to purchase EZ-Test.



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